Saturday, January 19, 2008

Being fat is hard work.

It really is. I recall hiking in the appalachians and running across a group of hikers. One of them said his pack was 55 pounds and I commented that it was kind of heavy. He said it was not a big deal because he had just lost 60 pounds and he hardly noticed the extra weight he was carrying.

When you think about it in those terms, I have been carrying around 60 extra pounds for a number of years. If I distributed 60 pounds across your body just thing how hard doing your day to day activities would be. I would be nearly impossible.

To further illustrate this fact, have you ever seen a obese person that didn't have large calf muscles. Their calves develop because of the sheer effort it takes just to walk around. When I was at a lower weight I had no calves at all, now mine are well developed.

Getting up when you are fat is also a challenge. You are essentially lifting a normal persons body weight plus 60 or so pounds.

Thats why we all grunt when we get up. We are power lifting.

Meals today

2 cups of scrambled eggs
1.5 cups of oatmeal.
1 apple
1 crabmeat salad
4" of smoked sausage
3 spears of brocolli with a small amount of cheese
some onions and tomatoes.

The salads were getting old so I switched it up.

No exercise today, have bad allergies and I have been sneezing for 12 hours and feel horrible.

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