Monday, January 21, 2008

Elephant Scabs, Yum!

That might sound kind of gross. It is a name we gave out here to a favorite Redneck offshore staple that we enjoy a couple of times a week. Now this is truly fine Redneck cuisine. It is some sort of mystery meat that is breaded and deep fried. It looks like, well it looks like a big elephant scab to tell the truth, hence the name. I can't eat elephant scabs anymore because they are not really conducive to the six pack abs I am working towards, but boy they sure are delicious, especially covered in white gravy.

I really can't eat much of anything served offshore. My one saving grace is the crabmeat salad. I usually have these a couple of times a day.

I finally got over my cold that lasted 36 hours. I really bounced back faster than normal. I have to believe it is because of the better nutrition that I am getting.

I spoke to my brother today and told him I really didn't feel like working out. He asked if my manjina was hurting. What a guy. I must say I will not give him the satisfaction of seeing me fail.
Hopefully I will inspire him to look as manly as I do if that is possible.

The workout was rough this evening but that was to be expected. The schedule is actually quite aggressive. Each week is harder than the one before and the expectation is that you will be stronger and be able to complete it. So far I have been. I am getting stronger every day and I love the way it feels.

Meals today

2 apples
3/4 Chicken Breast and 1 cup of green beans
Imitation Crabmeat Salad.

Exercise today was The Third week of the Six pack abs workout

Also, Tabata Cycles

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