Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fuzzy Math

So I decided to let the Uber Geek that resides in me out. I wanted to figure out exactly where I wanted to be as far as body fat goes and what it would take to get there. I just so happened to have a Salter body fat scale. Once I knew where I was body fat wise I could figure out what it would take to get where I wanted to be. I am sure a spread sheet will come into play sooner or later, that's just how I roll.

I sidled up on the scale and it read a ridiculous 30.1 percent body fat. I knew this had to be wrong because an Adonis like me could never have that much body fat. After stepping on the scale many times I was convinced it was correct. To get where I have really good abs I have to be about 7% body fat. That means I have to lose 23% of my total weight. This mignt not seem like a lot but it is 60 pounds. This will leave me weighing 200 pounds. I haven't weighed 200 pounds in 15 years, or since I got out of the Army.

I have to burn roughly 181,000 calories. To quantify this 181,000 calories is equal to 903 Krispy Kreme donuts or 373 big mac's or 621 Kentucky fried drumsticks (extra crispy).
If I burn 2.5 pounds of fat a week in 29 weeks I will be at my goal. I am going to do my level best to get there.

Again, this is a journey. I am not going to kill myself to get there but I am going to get there. I will do this sensibly. I have a tendancy to go all out and become unreasonable, I am not going to do that this time. I am focusing on eating healthy 80-90% of the time. I think this will get me real close to my goal. The closer I get to 200 pounds the more strict I am going to have to be.

Also, Tabata might have something right. There is something going on.

Meals today were.

3 egg whites/oatmeal
2 apples
1 chicken breast with steamed Broccoli
8 ounces of roast beef with 1.5 cups of rice and gravy. MMMMmmmm

I also did the Tabata work out and the 16 week abs work out.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to this young man...I am happy to see him take control of his body....and not allow the donuts and pizzas to control him. You surely have made a
very big commitment to all family and friends..I know we all will see those great ABS before long.We will keep a keen eye on your progress.....Once again CONGRATULATIONS for the commitment.

AKA Mother