Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have an appetite problem.

It's not what you think either. I am having a strange physiological response that shouldn't really be happening according to the amount of physical activity that I am doing.

It's like this. My wife and I went hiking part of the Appalachian trail a few years ago. We brought along with us enough food to feed a battalion of young troops. Something funny happened when we started hiking. My appetite dropped off to almost nothing. It really didn't match the amount of energy I was expending. I should have been starving all day long. To put it simply I wasn't hungry at all. After the first day of hiking I ate, 1 packet of instant oatmeal in the morning, a bag of M&M's for lunch. For dinner I had a small packet of mashed potaotos and chicken breast and I was satisfied. From what I understand this isn't uncommon with other hikers as well.

Instead of trying to carry all that food, we set up catered events at every place we camped. It was quite nice.

I figured the response could only be one thing. It seemed logical that it had to be part of some caveman type fight or flight response. This is the only thing that really made sense to me. If you had to bug out of your cave for some reason your body would be doing you a favor if it didn't get really hungry all the time.

So the conditions that set this off must be extreme physical activity. ( hiking the first part of the Appalachian trail was hard) This really doesn't seem to match what is going on here. I am only exercising about 12 to 35 minutes a day. To me this means that even though I am only exercising a few minutes a day, my metabolism is elevated all day due to the exercises I am doing. I really hope this is the case. Time will tell.

I am already seeing something interesting that I can only tribute to the Tabata Protocol, more on this Wednesday.

If you want more information about any of the foods that I am eating here my wife was kind enough to post here original recipes here for you.

I didn't do any exercise today. I was taking another day off.

Meals today
3 egg whites/ Oatmeal
2 bowls of healty chicken soup
2 Honey Crisp Apples- These really are the best apples in the world. It's like they grow them in Heaven or something.

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