Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I think my wife is tougher than me.

Yes, it's true I think my wife might be tougher than me. I am not even mentioning the marathon she ran in September. I am talking about the TABATA PROTOCOL work out.

A little background is in order. The Tabata protocol workout consist of maximum effort for 20 seconds and rest for 10. This is supposed to boost your metabolism for 24 hours.

So I ask my wife to time me for my work-out. She promplty says that she wants to do it as well. Now I have visions of how this is going to go for us. I imagine that she is going to have to go way down the road so I can hear her tell me to stop. I am actually worried that I am going to run out or ear-shot in my 20 second sprint.
That's not really what happened. In the first 20 seconds of my sprint I ran the length of my driveway. In my defense I have a country driveway that is about 110 yards long. In the second twenty second sprint I didn't quite make it to the end of my driveway this time. After two sprints I needed a longer rest break than 10 seconds.
That is when my wife started her workout. She did just as I did. She ran the length of my driveway but she did it four times in the proper amount of time. I do believe she is tougher than me. On top of this she had just eaten two bowls of soup. After my wife finished her workout I completed mine.
I have to say something about the Tabata Protocol. I think Dr. Tabata is still mad about world war two and has sprung the work-out on Americans as revenge for their loss. This thing is killer.
Two hours after I finished my work out and had showered I was still sweating. No joke. I worked out for a total of 12 minutes and perspired for two and half hours. If I don't see results from this I will be suprised.
My meals for the day were:
3 egg whites
4 bowls of healthy soup
2 oranges
1 bag of fat free popcorn

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