Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's really not as bad as it looks.

My health that is. Believe it or not I am physically not in bad shape. I wasn't before I started this at least. Now everything I own is sore, but I have to believe that is a good thing.

My wife ran a marathon in October to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Being a former paratrooper, I know a thing or two about running. I helped her train at first and ran with her on some of her runs. ( think Clydesdale not Thoroughbred ) Soon she surpassed me and started running fast and I kinda got left behind.

That being said it is not a stretch for me to go out and run 6 or 7 miles. I run at about a 10 minute/mile pace. ( how does that make you feel, Fatass can run! ) I am also running the Mardi Gras half marathon in February.

I also lifted weights for many years but one day I just walked into the gym and realized that the fire had just gone out. For some reason the desire to workout just vanished. I actually stopped mid-workout and walked out of the gym. That was the last physical exercise I did for years. I never did figure out what happened.

Now I have the Internet to keep me honest. There have been a few days like today and yesterday that I really didn't want to work out, I did anyway.

Exercise today was Tabata sprints.

Meals today:
3 egg whites/Oatmeal
1 Bowl of healthy beef soup
1 Chinese Buffet ( This isn't really healthy but I was going a bit stir crazy. I have also allowed for a cheat meal every now and then. This is more of a lifestyle than a punishment.)

I will also post pictures tomorrow. I know you have all seen pictures of a fat guy before and I am going to show you another one.

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