Friday, January 25, 2008

It's seafood night offshore.

I don't just mean where I work either. A little known fact about offshore work is the meal schedule is the same no matter where you work or what company you work for on Saturday, Tuesday and Friday.

You see Friday is seafood night offshore everywhere in the gulf of mexico. I don't know who set this up but it was sheer genius. This is like party night if you will for all of the offshore folks. Except for us you can replace the word party with either work or sleep because if you are offshore you are going to be doing one of those things instead of partying.

Well it's seafood night for everyone offshore except for me. You see, I developed a shellfish allergy last year. If that is not a cruel twist of fate I don't know what is. Let's think about this. I LIVE IN THE SEAFOOD CAPITOL OF THE WORLD. I really love seafood too. So I have a choice, either enjoy seafood or live. It's a tough one sometimes but I am going to go with living for now. I do know how I might like to check out though.

For those of you that don't have Attention Deficit Disorder and managed to read this far, I have made my website easier to get to. My new web address is:
WWW.REDNECKABS.COM You can just type that into your browser and it will bring you here.

I will re post this tomorrow, for the ADD challenged, higher up on the page. By the way I have been thinking, if you are a grammar Nazi you might want to just move right along because this has got to be killing you. I know I am bad at writing give me a break. I might not be able to write a book but I can fix your TV set.

Meals today
1 small bowl of Gumbo( I am only human)
2 apples
1 crab meat salad
1.5 grilled chicken breast
1 small crab salad.

Exercise tonight
Third week of the abs workout.
Tabata Cycles.

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