Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So I have been doing this for 12 days.

It's true I have been doing this for a total of 12 days. You have seen what I have eaten. Here are the 12 day results. ( The reason that I am doing this is that I am going offshore tomorrow)

The Picture on the left is the picture I took when I started and the one above was taken last night. There doesn't look like there is a difference but my pants are already looser and my clothes fit different.

I took my blood pressure and pulse rate today and I have the following results.

BP 117/68 ( this is lower than it has ever been, it is usually 135/85)

Resting Pulse 66 Beats per minute. ( my resting pulse has never been this low, including the army.)

Starting weight: 262

Current weight: 256.4

Total weight loss-5.6 pounds

Average weight loss per day .46 pounds.

Meals today

3 egg whites/oatmeal

1 Chicken Thigh

1 bowl of healty beef soup.

Exercise today is the 16 week abs workout.

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