Sunday, January 6, 2008

So this is how it begins!

I guess this is how it begins. You wake up one morning and you are 36 years old and look in the mirror. The guy looking back at you isn't the one that you remember. That guy is getting old, and he is fat too.

Once upon a time I was a paratrooper. Paratroopers are tough and thin and everything else you might believe goes along with that. Back then I could exercise till you got tired. Back then I had a six pack. Now, as R. Lee Ermey would say, I am a disgusting fat body.

Well no more, I have decided that I will have a six pack. In this year of our Lord 2008 I will have my six pack that has been languishing under so many doughnuts.

That sounds great and all, but if you knew me you would think it the ramblings of a crazy person. The reason you would think it crazy is that I weigh 260 pounds. The last time I saw my six pack I weighed 160 pounds. I basically need to lose an 11 year old before my six pack shows up.

I will do this without walking into a gym, taking weight-loss pills or crystal meth. I will do it focusing on diet and basic exercises. I know it will not be easy but anything worth having is worth working for. So now I am beholden to the world. I basically have to answer to everyone on the internet if I fail.

Wish me luck because I start tomorrow.

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