Monday, January 21, 2008

Thinking about the last post.

It made me realize that you can spend a lot of effort all day being fat, or you can expend a lot of energy in a half hour and eat right and have it easy all day.

I feel better than I have in a long, long time. I really do and the sad thing is that it didn't really take a lot to get here. Even though I am sick right now. ( really bad Cold) I still have more energy than I normally did. Hopefully I can bounce back from being sick a little faster this time.

I began wondering lately how all of the actors in hollywood have six packs. I realized that is where their priority lies. That is how they make their living. They HAVE to look like that to work and eat. We could all look like that if we made fitness a priority in our life.

When I was starting out in my career I chose to make learning all that I could about my craft a priority in my life. I really put many hours of effort into it outside of work because I wanted to be the best I could, I knew it would effect my income greatly. It's really no different then actors with a six pack. That was where my priority was.

There is really no reason any person with self discipline should be fat. When you become fat you trade long term gain for temporary comfort. What does that really say about you as a person?
That you don't really have enough control over your life to choose what you look like and what you put in your mouth?

That is kind of what led me to this. I want a better life and I am going to work for it.

Meals today

scrambled eggs and oatmeal
2 apples
2 salads with imitation crab meat.

No exercise today. I am running a low grade fever and feel horrible.

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