Sunday, January 13, 2008

We're on like a pot of neck bones.

Seems like kind of an unusual statement, and it is.

I am part of the largest online gun enthusiast community on the internet.( I am a redneck remember.) I posted on there what I was going to do and how long it was going to take me. One of the members said that he would give me three weeks and I would give up.

This comment was not made out of spite or ill character. Reality usually disagrees when statements like mine are made. Generally most people don't follow through, it's not uncommon.

On this website there are multiple levels of membership. He and I are both on the membership that is free and the website features are limited.

I put forth a challenge. I basically told him that if I didn't fulfill my goal in 6.5 months that I would purchase him a Team membership to this website we both frequent and if I did attain my goals he would buy me one. After hashing out the finer details he announced to the world that " We're on like a pot of neckbones". Now that might seem funny to you but that is just how people in the south talk. Our language has a little flavor, similar to a good neckbone I guess.

Meals today
Grilled chicken breast with steamed brocolli ( we ate at chilli's)
1 bowl of healty chicken soup
1 bowl of healty beef soup
1 honey crisp apple.

Exercise was the Tabata protocol. ( I am already starting to see some gain from this.)

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