Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wow, my head looks like a pumpkin.

That picture you see to the right is actually a close up of me around Christmas time. It's a shame because my head is roughly the size of a small pumpkin and as they say, I have more chins than a Chinese phone book.

The chins are mostly gone now and I am glad to see them go. I'll state this again. I really didn't realize how big I had become. I was discussing this fact with my wife, she told me " I never really saw you as fat". This is further proof that love is completely blind and love apparently robs you of your sense of touch too. I am sure that I could bump into a blind person and they would say "watch where you are going fat ass".

Not much going on today. I did get my first ride in a Eurocopter helicopter, not that exciting really. I had to go check out some stuff on another platform.

I know there are some Pinnacle guys watching this. For me failure is not an option. To illustrate my commitment, tonight was steak night offshore and they served fillet mignon, I ate chicken.

Meals today

1 orange
Beef patty ( I had to eat lunch at another platform- No salads there)
Sour Kraut ( I had to eat lunch at another platform- No salads there)
Grilled Chicken Breast

Exercise was Tabata Cycles

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