Monday, February 25, 2008


Yes, I ran 13.1 miles yesterday. I did have a really good time and no I didn't win.

Yes, I ran the entire way.

This was the farthest that I had run, ever, and it really wasn't all that bad while I was running it.

Each day that goes by makes me marvel more and more at how perfectly designed we are. Did you know that if you are in a bad situation and need to travel long distances that your body will keep you out of pain until you get where you are going? I didn't either.

I found out yesterday.

I ran the entire 13.1 miles relatively painless. When I got done and took a shower I found out that I had rubbed a good portion of the skin off between my legs. I even had on bike shorts. They didn't help like they should have. I know that I am an inexperienced runner and that I should have applied body glide or whatever it is. I didn't and I am paying for it. They say experience is the best teacher and they are right.

I won't be able to think about any thing other than my run at least until the wounds scab over.(no I am not joking)

I did find out something else. The Tabata protocol is what was making me lose weight. I laid off of it for 3 weeks so I would be able to run the half marathon. In those three weeks my weight has remained exactly the same. I haven't lost a pound. I haven't gained any either so I guess that my diet is just about right.

I am going to lay off any exercise for the next week so I can recover from the run. I am actually chomping at the bit to get started again because I know what I have in store for me physically and I am getting impatient.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

While you were sleeping

I was working out.

I have started my new job and it's great. Unfortunately it is 110 miles away from my house. With traffic possible in two major cities during the commute. That means I have to leave real early to get to work at a reasonable hour.

Last night I got in after a 3 hour commute home and didn't feel like doing anything at all. I pretty much ate and went to bed at 8:30pm. I happened to wake up at 1:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I laid there till 2:45 and decided to use my time wisely and get in my workout that I had missed yesterday.

I am still nursing a foot injury so I left out any leg type exercises. I have to run a half marathon on Sunday and I want to be able to do it. Because of the injury I just did upper body exercises that were a mixture of the ones in the previous workouts.

I think having a regular schedule is going to help my progress greatly. It was real easy to eat a better diet yesterday.

By the way, I am getting stronger by the day.

Meals yesterday
3 egg whites / Oatmeal
2 oranges
1 apple
3 cups of steamed vegtables
1/2 a cup of brown rice
1 baked chicken breast
2 bowls of healthy beef soup.

Exercises were a mix of upper body stuff from the 16 week abs workout.

Friday, February 15, 2008

43 days into this

I am 43 days into this and I have been negligent this last week.
I have left out the leg work outs and any cardio type work out. I have even delayed the 16 week abs work out by one week. I did this because I hurt my Plantar Fascia in my right foot running 10 miles last Saturday. It was a great run but I don't know if I have ever run that far and I paid for it. I laid off the cardio because I have a half marathon to run on the 24th and I can't run it hurt. If I get hurt running it so be it but until then I have to heal.
I did do the upper body resistance workouts. I just mixed up some of the upper body exercises from the previous weeks and did those.
I am struggling with my diet. I have been off for of work for the past 15 days and it makes it harder to keep a good diet. I am going on a regular schedule in a few days and diet will be one of my focus areas. I think once my diet gets lined out the gains will come faster.
I am updating my pictures again today. I am giving a different shot each week just to mix things up. When I get to my final goal I will post all of the pics on here.
As a side note, one of the objectives that I had for this blog I have fulfilled. A ew of my friends that have started this work out. They all thought what I did. "This doesn't look to bad". I have to tell you the 16 week work out is killer. When you get done with the first workout you are shaking like a puppy trying to pass a peach seed.
Although I have not done any cardio and have not held strictly to my diet I didn't gain a pound.
I weighed this morning and I weighed 249.6. This is the same thing that I weighed 2 weeks ago.
Here are my before and after pics. ( just to note all of the before pictures are of my first day)


Sorry the lighting is different, we are still trying to figure that out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We were meant to live for so much more

The above quote is a line in a song that I love to listen to when I run. Lately my wife and I have been discussing this very thing too.

I am surrounded by people that have the potential for greatness. I don't mean local, wow that is cool greatness, I mean world class greatness. I don't know if their potential will ever be fulfilled and it pains me greatly.

It's hard to get out of your comfort zone. I know life gets busy and bills have to get paid and so on and so forth. Even though all of this is true these people should still work towards their greatness everyday. I believe that each of us has a God given talent and we are negligent if we fail to put it to good use. Think about it, you have a responsibility to the Almighty to make the most of the talents that you were given. That is an awesome responsibility.

One of the things that I always said to myself was, if I ever found out that my time was limited that I would work out and get a six pack. (I know this is a minor and superficial thing but it illustrates my point.) When I would look in the mirror at myself and see a fat guy I would always believe that there would be time to "do it later". That isn't the case.

Our days are numbered. The only day that you have is today and you might not make it through this one.

If you know what your talent is then do something today to achieve greatness. Today is the only day that you have and no, I am not going to tell you who you are.


On a lighter note, My wife and I were at Cabelas sporting goods store the other night. She said something to me that solidifies her status as a redneck for all time. She said lets buy a taser and tase each other. The first one to pee on themselves loses.

For the last few days my meals have been a repeat of the ones before except for yesterday. Yesterday I had a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" from a local eatery. Then I had some chips and cheese. I did this because I needed a cheat day and I figured that I could spare the calories.


Friday I did the fifth week of the 16 week abs workout. I have laid off Tabata this week because I have a half marathon to run on the 24th and I wanted to be able to train for it.

Saturday. I ran 10 miles today and it felt really good. It felt good until I stopped. When I stopped I learned what a Plantar Fascia was. If you are wondering what it is I will tell you. It is a piece of your foot that you injure when you try to run too far. I can tell you with complete honesty that it hurts a lot.

I hope this doesn't hurt my training.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's been a rough week

I seem to have hit a road bump starting on week five. The motivation left me for a few days. I didn't stop working out and I still did what I was supposed to do but my heart wasn't in it. Normally when I get ready to workout I feel strong and ready to go. I didn't get that feeling Monday. Monday I wanted to get a cheeseburger and call it a day.

I think it had something to do with the pictures that I took. In the pictures I really didn't look all that different. In person there has been a big change. Everyone comments that I look like I have lost weight.

While doing my Tabata sprints today I just ran out of gas. I am going to evaluate what is going on with my body and modify what I am doing. I don't know if I am not getting enough liquid or enough calories. Whatever it is I am going to find out and address it.

If you came here to read about how easy all this was going to be I'm sorry. I am a real fat ass trying to get real abs and it is hard sometimes. One thing that I can promise is that I will have a six pack. I don't care how long it takes or how much I have to work at it.

I will be successful.

Meals today
3 egg whites/oatmeal
3 bowls of healthy beef soup
2 cups of salad

Exercise today
Fifth week of the 16 week abs work out ( I swear I am getting stronger each time I work out)
tabata sprints

Monday, February 4, 2008

My body doesn't want to do this.

My body wants to be fat.

This is a caveman type response I am sure. If you have more fat on your bones you are more likely to do well in times of little or no food. This is why I belive I am starving and craving everything. Literally I could eat non-stop and not be satisfied.

I tried to satisfy my cravings and ate some mexican food and some pizza. I think this did it because this morning it was egg whites and oatmeal and I seemed to be Ok.

I have lost my weight before. My wife and I would eat a perfect diet all week and one night a week we would eat whatever we wanted. Something strange usually happened after the free night. We would start dropping weight again. It was like our bodies were in starvation mode and when we stuffed ourselves our bodies said " Ok there is not a shortage of food" and we would drop a few pounds the next week.

If that is not the case that is what I am calling it. That is a good reason to break my diet a little I guess.

Here are the 28 day pictures. Sorry it took so long.
Before / After

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's been 28 days so far.

I have been doing this in ernest for 28 days. In the 28 days I have seen the following results.

I have lost a pants size, from 40 - 38
I have lost a shirt size. From XXL to XL.
My blood pressure has come way down.
My resting pulse is a consistant 64 beats a minute.
I feel like a different person. I absolutesly feel great compared to what I did a month ago.

I have lost 12.4 pounds in the last month. That might not sound like a bid deal to a lot of you. You have to remember that I have also put on muscle at this time. You have to take into account that what I have lost is fat alone.

This equates to .44 pounds of fat a day. This is consistant with my results from the first two week where I lost .45 pounds a day.

This makes me happy.

I will post pictures in a couple of hours

Meals Yesterday

1 - 5 gallon bucket of chinese food. ( this was my last day offshore and I was celebrating.)

Exercise yesterday was none. I was travelling home.