Friday, February 1, 2008

It's been 28 days so far.

I have been doing this in ernest for 28 days. In the 28 days I have seen the following results.

I have lost a pants size, from 40 - 38
I have lost a shirt size. From XXL to XL.
My blood pressure has come way down.
My resting pulse is a consistant 64 beats a minute.
I feel like a different person. I absolutesly feel great compared to what I did a month ago.

I have lost 12.4 pounds in the last month. That might not sound like a bid deal to a lot of you. You have to remember that I have also put on muscle at this time. You have to take into account that what I have lost is fat alone.

This equates to .44 pounds of fat a day. This is consistant with my results from the first two week where I lost .45 pounds a day.

This makes me happy.

I will post pictures in a couple of hours

Meals Yesterday

1 - 5 gallon bucket of chinese food. ( this was my last day offshore and I was celebrating.)

Exercise yesterday was none. I was travelling home.

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