Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's been a rough week

I seem to have hit a road bump starting on week five. The motivation left me for a few days. I didn't stop working out and I still did what I was supposed to do but my heart wasn't in it. Normally when I get ready to workout I feel strong and ready to go. I didn't get that feeling Monday. Monday I wanted to get a cheeseburger and call it a day.

I think it had something to do with the pictures that I took. In the pictures I really didn't look all that different. In person there has been a big change. Everyone comments that I look like I have lost weight.

While doing my Tabata sprints today I just ran out of gas. I am going to evaluate what is going on with my body and modify what I am doing. I don't know if I am not getting enough liquid or enough calories. Whatever it is I am going to find out and address it.

If you came here to read about how easy all this was going to be I'm sorry. I am a real fat ass trying to get real abs and it is hard sometimes. One thing that I can promise is that I will have a six pack. I don't care how long it takes or how much I have to work at it.

I will be successful.

Meals today
3 egg whites/oatmeal
3 bowls of healthy beef soup
2 cups of salad

Exercise today
Fifth week of the 16 week abs work out ( I swear I am getting stronger each time I work out)
tabata sprints

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Anonymous said...

Interesting blog - found you from your Tabata post on ARFCOM. Looks like you're making good progress, nice work! Looking at your diet on your last post I'm not surprised you ran out of gas - an investment in calories can help you get a lot more/better work in. Keep up the good work!