Monday, February 4, 2008

My body doesn't want to do this.

My body wants to be fat.

This is a caveman type response I am sure. If you have more fat on your bones you are more likely to do well in times of little or no food. This is why I belive I am starving and craving everything. Literally I could eat non-stop and not be satisfied.

I tried to satisfy my cravings and ate some mexican food and some pizza. I think this did it because this morning it was egg whites and oatmeal and I seemed to be Ok.

I have lost my weight before. My wife and I would eat a perfect diet all week and one night a week we would eat whatever we wanted. Something strange usually happened after the free night. We would start dropping weight again. It was like our bodies were in starvation mode and when we stuffed ourselves our bodies said " Ok there is not a shortage of food" and we would drop a few pounds the next week.

If that is not the case that is what I am calling it. That is a good reason to break my diet a little I guess.

Here are the 28 day pictures. Sorry it took so long.
Before / After

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