Monday, February 25, 2008


Yes, I ran 13.1 miles yesterday. I did have a really good time and no I didn't win.

Yes, I ran the entire way.

This was the farthest that I had run, ever, and it really wasn't all that bad while I was running it.

Each day that goes by makes me marvel more and more at how perfectly designed we are. Did you know that if you are in a bad situation and need to travel long distances that your body will keep you out of pain until you get where you are going? I didn't either.

I found out yesterday.

I ran the entire 13.1 miles relatively painless. When I got done and took a shower I found out that I had rubbed a good portion of the skin off between my legs. I even had on bike shorts. They didn't help like they should have. I know that I am an inexperienced runner and that I should have applied body glide or whatever it is. I didn't and I am paying for it. They say experience is the best teacher and they are right.

I won't be able to think about any thing other than my run at least until the wounds scab over.(no I am not joking)

I did find out something else. The Tabata protocol is what was making me lose weight. I laid off of it for 3 weeks so I would be able to run the half marathon. In those three weeks my weight has remained exactly the same. I haven't lost a pound. I haven't gained any either so I guess that my diet is just about right.

I am going to lay off any exercise for the next week so I can recover from the run. I am actually chomping at the bit to get started again because I know what I have in store for me physically and I am getting impatient.

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Anonymous said...

i wouuld just like u to know that i'am the smarter nephew!