Friday, March 14, 2008

I have been a little undisciplined

It's true that I haven't posted like I should and it's all my fault.

The thing is that my new job is great but it is 110 miles from my house and yes I commute. That means that I wake up at 3:15am and leave my house at 4:05am. I get to work at 6am and work till 4PM if I am lucky I get home at 6:30 PM.

This doesn't leave a lot of time for anything really. I usually sleep about 5 hours a night because I stay up visiting with my wife.

Because of the situation above I temporarily altered my program a little bit. When I altered my program I learned a few things.

1. Doing the exercise without following a strict diet will make me glad I exercised but I will not lose any weight.

2. Following a strict diet with out doing the exercise leaves me more time for sleep but I do not lose any weight.

3. Doing the exercise while following a strict diet makes the weight fall off me.

I just can't get around it. I have to do the total program or I see no results at all.

I did also learn that I can maintain my weight. I kind of laid of of a strict diet and exercise for a week and nothing really changed, so that's good.

Last Saturday my wife and I ran a 5k race and it felt good. While I was running it dawned on me that I like running. When I was in the Army we had to run, a lot. I really got burned out on it and swore when I got out that I wasn't going to run unless I was being chased by something I couldn't kill. I really like the endurance thing and believe that we owe it to ourselves to be in good condition.

Because of the revelation above I have been considering training for a triathlon. I don't know if I am going to be able to do it because of the time commitment necessary. Most triathletes just skip out on sleep to get their training in but for me it is not an option. If I get any less sleep it will be a safety hazard because of the hours I drive.

So if I can possibly figure out how to do this I am going to shoot for the New Orleans half Iron man in 2009. That is a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike ride followed by a half marathon.
As amazing as it sounds to me it looks doable.


I have eaten the same diet every day except for the week ends. Also because of my hours I eat almost around the clock. I think this is helping my weight loss. My first meal is at 3:45 am and my last meal is a 9:30pm and I eat every 3 to 4 hours in between.

Oatmeal/Egg Whites
several servings of fruit
steamed vegetables
Brown rice
1 large chicken breast eaten in two separate meals
1 or 2 bowls of healthy beef soup

Exercise is the sixth week of the 16 week abs workout
I also do tabata sprints when I get home before dark.

Monday, March 3, 2008

59 Days So Far

I think that I am pretty much on track.

My total weight loss in 2 months is 16 pounds. That is roughly 2 pounds a week. That is acceptable weight loss and it is healty as well.

I am a bit off of my goal of 2.5 pounds a week but I know why that is. I ran the Mardi Gras half marathon and that really cut into my training. I wasn't able to do the Tabata workout for about 3 weeks. I think this had a significant impact on my weight loss. I am starting my regular routine out today and hopefully the weight will start dropping off fast.

One good thing about my new job is that I am able to "lock" my diet in. What I mean is that I am on a regular schedule now so I can plan my meals in advance. I can eat at a set time each day and this will help me greatly.

I haven't posted a whole lot about my diet because I haven't been as strict. Monday through Friday I am pretty good but I have a tendancy to fall off on the weekends.

As far as the Half Marathon goes, it was a great experience. I hurt for about 2 days and then the pain went away (mostly). The reason that I hurt was inexperience. I made mistakes on that one that I will not make again i.e. clothing, shoes and so on.

Watching my wife train for and run her marathon taught me that it is real important for adults to have a physical goal to work for. In school we are physically fit because we compete. When we are adults we get out of shape becuse there isn't anything to win any more. It's one thing to work out but if you are training for something you tend to push yourself harder. With this in mind I am pondering a new goal. I haven't decided if I am going to do it or not but when I do I will update you.

Total weight loss so far:

16 pounds.

I weigh 246 pounds even.

I have lost .27 pounds a day. This is not taking into account any muscle weight I might have gained.


My diet has been all over the place, I will update in 3 days what my meals have been.


None this week I was recovering from the run.