Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A quick update

I know that I haven't been posting on here for a month and a half and there is a few good reasons.

Reason Number One

I got attacked by a dog. No this is not a joke, I was really bit in the left forearm by a dog. The bad thing is that it was my dog. I was breaking up a dog fight and I got bit accidentally but it did tear my arm up a little bit and I had to see a doctor.

If that is not bad enough it got infected. Keep in mind these were pretty deep punctures.

On the second day of the injury I noticed something started to smell bad. It was my arm. It reminded me of the line in "O Brother where art thou" when the said that the dead horse was starting to "turn". It smelled so bad my wife made me roll the window down on the way to the doctor.

A tetanus shot and a load of antibiotics later and I am almost good as new. I will probably be able to work out in a week or two.

As a side note, I am glad that I had not reached my weight loss goals. The fat in my arm protected my muscle a lot. My wife made the comment "I didn't know you had that much fat in your forearm". You could tell how much fat I had because it was visible.

I finally broke up the dog fight with a pistol.( redneck remember?) No the dogs aren't dead. One of them almost got it but the loud noise broke them up.

Just to further emphasize how much of a redneck area I live in, when I started shooting in my front yard to break up the dogs, my neighbor came down the road on his four wheeler and apoligized for taking so long. The reason that he took so long was that he had to stop what he was doing and run inside to grab his pistol. He figured if something needed killing he was going to help.

You have to love country neighbors.

Reason Number Two

My father finally lost his battle with Cancer. My Dad had been battling lung cancer for the past 15 months. He finally succumbed to his illness last Monday. He put up a valiant fight that anyone could be proud of.

Working out and spending a lot of time with my father was not manageable. I chose to spend time with my dad.

It was worth it.

I have maintained my weight and haven't gained any so that is a plus. I am looking forward to continuing my work out program and reaching my goal.

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