Thursday, July 10, 2008


I know that you might think having a random number as a post title is silly but let me explain.

When I started this blog I set out to have a six pack in short order. If you have read the posts below life got in the way and I am a little unhappy about that but that's how it goes.

If you also read back a page or two I mentioned that I might like to try my hand at a triathlon. In reality I was dead set on doing a triathlon and dropping weight (getting a six pack) was part of my master plan. I figured that moving my body 70 miles would be easier if I didn't weigh as much as a small Hippo.

Here I am with 9 months to go before a my triathlon and I have to be able to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and then run a half marathon. For me this is no small feat. I am not really built like an endurance athelete if you haven't noticed.

That is why I have switched gears a little bit and modified my workout. As it stands for the past two weeks I have started running an biking in "training" for my triathlon. I will still have the goal of getting a six pack the method has just changed. I will be doing more "typical" exercises that people do to lose weight. I will still try to do the push ups and sit ups but I will do them according to how I feel.

Since I got a place in New Orleans to stay during the week I have changed my diet. I don't have my wonderful wife to cook for me so my diet is rather spartan in nature. It goes like this.

Morning- protien shake- I exercise in the morning and cooking breakfast isn't an option due to time constraints
9Am I eat an apple
Lunch- I eat chicken breast and steamed vegtables. Usually about 2 cups, Sometimes I add spaghetti with plain sauce.
3pm I eat another apple
For dinner I usually eat I eat chicken breast and steamed vegtables. Usually about 2 cups Sometimes I add spaghetti with plain sauce.
If I get hungry for something sweet I will have a peanut butter an jelly sandwich. with a glass of milk.
I really have to watch what I eat and make sure I eat enough. If I don't I just don't have the energy to exercise.

As of now this is my training schedule
Monday- Afternoon run- usually about 3 or more miles
Tuesday- Morning run - 3.2 miles Afternoon Bike - Brisk pace for 1 hour or more
Wednesday - This is going to be my swim day but I haven't found a pool yet
Thursday - Morning run 3.2 miles
Friday off
Saturday - long run- Last week was 4.5 miles and I am going to try to add a mile each Saturday.
Sunday I might take this day off depending on how I feel.

As for the 178, that is my pulse rate when I am running a 10 minute mile. At least that's what it was this morning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Game on people!

For everyone that reads this you are probably thinking that I am a slacker and didn't hold to my goal of getting a six pack. For those that doubt I should recap the last few months that my wife and I have had and maybe you will understand the break.

In February I changed jobs and I had to commute 220 miles each day. In early April I was bitten on the left forearm by a dog. It got infected. In late April my father passed away after a lengthy illness. During this time my wife made a few trips to Missouri to visit her father who also had cancer. In June I started to suffer from an irregular heartbeat. ( it lasted for a week) It was probably due to stress and the fact that during the week I usually slept about four hours a night. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (this means the sleep that I do get sucks)
At the beginning of this month my wife's father passed away. A few days ago my wife found out she has to have surgery on her knee.

Other than that it is all good.

On a brighter note, I have found a great place in New Orleans and I spend a few nights a week there. This has allowed me to exercise on a regular basis. I am finally getting back in the swing of things and I am tuning out my schedule and diet.

I will update again in a few days.