Monday, January 17, 2011

Here We Go Again...

Yes, that's right kids, we are trying this one last time. I will soon turn 40 and I know enough to know if it doesn't happen by then chances are it won't happen. I am somewhat of a realist in that respect. I have no illusions of what I am capable of.

So lets recap the last year for everyone. January 1st started with a bang and I was off to the races. I got stuck offshore working on a project and managed to lose an astounding amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time by modifying my diet and adding a generous topping of self loathing. I was really kind of awestruck that this would happen considering the fact that in 2009 I ate 1600 calories a day and trained for a half iron man with basically no results at all.

I was a touch confused. I realized that the diet that I was eating offshore was significantly different that my diet every other time I tried to lose weight. I was pleased with the results and tried to duplicate it but I had no luck due to the fact I was lacking a certain amount of will power.

I trained for another half Ironman and along the way managed to lose a total of 35 pounds which brought me down to right at about 230 pounds. I stayed this weight until a cross country trip back in July led to my downfall and the accumulation of 50 pounds of fat. You read that right. My amazing ability to pack on the pounds struck again. I was left at the end of the year weighing right at 280 pounds. That's no small number.

So what's different this year than last year? Well this year I know what causes me to gain weight. Carbs cause me to gain weight. Any carbs that I eat translate directly into fat. On top of that I am generally starving the entire time I am restricting what I eat. Turns out a calorie isn't just a calorie after all and I learned that Here.

I now understand that no matter how hard I try, if I am not doing the proper things I will be a failure. In other words, if I am trying to get to Florida and keep travelling west I am doomed no matter how fast I go. Previously, I was heading west in a hurry.

I have developed a new plan that will get the maximum result from the minimum amount of effort. My plan is multi-pronged and will occur in stages. With the proper strategy I think this will actually be easy.

Below is a must/must not list for the latest plan.

  • Stay on the diet. Cheat days only make things worse and remind you what you are missing.
  • Stay off the scale. Weighing once a month is sufficient.
  • Get my 20 minutes of exercise twice a week ( Stage 1)

Must Not:

  • Break my diet.
  • Lose focus of the actual goal in pursuit of other endeavors.